Playlist: Dear Diary,


Taylor Swift makes my feminist side kick in.

All her music is repeated heartbreak and playing the victim, all I can do is roll my eyes when I hear one of her songs. I call Taylors kind of music “Dear Diary” music simply because it sounds like she just ripped a page from one of her diaries (I bet that bitch has millions) and strummed her guitar until she made some pretty chords.
Maybe I’d be more interested in listening to her bitch about boys if she talked about thier lack of manhood or something. I can’t deny I’d be interested in knowing if John Mayer has a small member (I hope he does).

I have nothing against Dear Diary music, we all need it. Problem is Taylors diary sounds like an attention seeking preteen filled with “white girl problems”. Miss Swift should take a note from Kate Nash, a sassy brit musician that believes in women’s rights. Sure Nash will be upset over a boy or two, crushed sometimes, but she always comes back and realizes her worth.

Click after the cut for my Dear Diary playlist compiled of the three artist that I’d share a diary with.



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