I’ve never even been to Harlem…

The only reason you wouldn’t know about the Harlem Shake by now is if you’re to cozy living under the cool dark rock of yours. Everyone’s doing it, I’m not kidding. College sports teams to Stephen Colbert have done it.

I don’t understand it though. Isn’t the Harlem Shake just going ham and thrusting your pelvis like that sex mime from that Panic! at the Disco video? I’m not going to spend sleepless nights on attempting to figure out why I find these ridiculous videos hilarious and entertaining. It’s not the first time doing stupid poses and dances have become the thing to do. Remember planking? Yeah I’m still trying to forget too.

Azealia Banks made this trend a little less cringe worthy by adding some of her signature “perverse verse” releasing it on Valentines. Then (after a little controversy, as usual)  the cinnamon twist from the 212 made this little homemade music video, directed by Rony Alwin of Ronys photobooth, where she whips around the greatest weave I have come across in a long time.

p.s isn’t the Harlem Shake an ACTUAL dance from the Harlem renaissance?


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