Monroes Muse // Mansons Girls


Being broke and jobless is really inconvenient to my social life. You can’t afford things like alcohol and Marilyn Manson tickets. I hate that I don’t have Marilyn Manson tickets.

Have you ever noticed that Manson has excellent taste in women? They are all beautiful, intelligent women with a bit of edge. They are like perfect accessories to his dark style and I love how they are his muses. I want to be Mansons girl.

(But not really cause he’s like really old and kinda gives me a creepy uncle vibe when he’s not performing and in full make-up and it kinda makes me uncomfortable. You know what I mean.)

Read on to learn about these flawless ladies.

left to right top:

Dita Von Teese – Famous burlesque artist who is a vixen 24/7 and has just an all around lovely soul. She also married Manson in a purple gown by Vivienne Westwood. nough said.

Stoya – An adorable pornstar who reads sci-fi and fantasy novels. She also looks like Liv Tyler.

Lindsay Usich – Mansons current girlfriend and muse. She’s a photographer and looks like an edgy modern day Anna Karina.

Rose McGowan – She is just an all around badass. Have you watched Charmed? Jawbreaker? Doom Generation? I think I’ve made my point. She also wore a chain dress to the MTV awards with just a thong underneath #neverforget

left to right bottom:

Esmé Bianco – First off, she’s English. So that’s enough right there for me. Another burlesque performer and aspiring actress. She was on Game of Thrones which is so good, I haven’t seen it, but it looks so good.

Evan Rachel Wood – One word. Thirteen.

Lana Del Rey – Ok ok, I don’t think they actually dated at all. More like they met, talked and the paparazzi captured it. But Lana is such a flawless creature that I had to include her. She totally meets the standards of being a Mansons girl, (young, pretty, young, dark, and young). Besides, it’s not like Manson didn’t hit on her. We all know he flirted with her or something, don’t be naive!


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