Everything Is Just So F**kin Fabulous

Last night I had the the pleasure of of attending the launch party for Urban Outfitters new collaboration with the artist Hattie Stewart. The show/ pop-up shop is called “Everything is Just So F**kin Fabulous” and the title is accurate. Last night was pretty fucking fabulous! This was my first time at Space 15 Twenty and last night made me regret not attending all the previous shows they’ve put on.

It was a fabulous fun evening! I got to get a sneak peak at Hattie Stewarts new collection with Urban Outfitters (which by the way is really sick), ran into some classmates from FIDM all while enjoying a fabulous DJ set by Nosaj Thing. They also had custom nail art station by Kleur and ice cream sandwiches by Coolhaus that looked delicious. Not to mention an endless stream of hot hipster eye candy everywhere drinking PBR everywhere, felt like home.

Hattie Stewart really took over the space with her incredibly fun illustrations plastered everywhere. She even had a wall covered in vintage playboy covers with her illustrations incorporated into the compostions. Old playboy covers mixed with this new kind of pop art, talk about a girl after my own heart!  Unfortunately I showed up to late to see the master work, which I hate because she was customizing items from the Hattie Stewart collection, Dr. Martens and selected pieces from PUR, Urban’s vintage clothing line.

If you live in the Los Angeles area I highly suggest you go check it out!


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