If I see one more flower crown I will lose my shit


I went to Coachella for the first time this year, and it was so much fucking fun. I’m not going to bore you with all the performances I saw, I’d just end up repeating my self relentlessly (ex. “it was so fucking good! then ___ did ___ and the lights were like whoa and then fall out boy came out!”) so I’ll spare you those details and instead take this time to bitch about everything else.


The amount of cheap flower crowns I saw was ridiculous and made me never want to see, touch or be within two inches of one ever again. seriously. You think I’m exaggerating, no honey no. It was insane. What was more insane was the amount of headdresses I saw. Yup you read, HEADDRESSES as in NATIVE AMERICAN HEADDRESSES. First,  think we all know the obnoxious culture appropriation of them on the internet, for a while its all you would see on your tumblr feed. But I didn’t think people actually wore them in real life! I’ve tried one of those on before and just because they’re largely made up of feathers, doesn’t mean they’re as light as one! Heat + all the bullshit on your head = how the hell are you having fun right now?


Coachella style has become even bigger in the past couple years, which I was all for, fucking love all those DIY panel shorts and dip-dyes, and crotchet tops? forgetaboutit! But what bothers me is the fact that Coachella fashion, as any fashion, served a purpose. You dress half naked because its hot as hell, it was more of a comfort thing than a style thing. But now, every girl there I could tell “did her research” and by research I mean looked at styled shoots by NastyGal (no hate, sophia amoruso you’re my hero) went to Forever21 (boo (sorry sky)) and just bought the outfit off the mannequin! Sidenote: just because it’s “in style” doesn’t mean its for you! (I’m talking to 80% of the girls there that don’t have the proper frame or weight distribution for high waisted shorts)

Maybe I’m just bitter because I was super excited about people and trend watching like I have done from my computer screen since 8th grade. But it now sadly seems that “Coachella fashion” is going to be the typical staples of cheeky shorts,  bandeaus, dollar store flower crowns and the occasional maxi dress. Boo. No hate against high waisted shorts, but if I don’t see another pair for at least a year, I’d be ok with it.


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