Meeting of the Lily’s

I’ve been following Lily L since the Myspace days, back when she was just a girl with a small collection of design she was selling on her blog and was an official Waffle’s Girls, a title I dreamed of one day donning myself, still kinda do, ok really do. I was thrilled that my bosses at Lily+Jasper agreed to my idea to interview Lily for our Verry LJ editorial platform, and even more so when Lily said she’d be honored too! Her label has grown and matured since the Myspace days, as I imagine she did too. It’s always fascinating to see things from the ground up, even if it’s not first hand. You can see her personal growth in the line and that’s what makes it even more exciting for me at least. It’s people like Lily that make me want to write and be in the creative field, I love giving deserving people a spotlight or platform.

You can read my interview with Lily here at Verry LJ and be sure to check out Lily’s website, her lookbooks are definitely something to gawk over.

(Image courtesy of


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