Monroes Muse // Madeleine Stowe

Within the past 3 months I have grown an obsession with Revenge (the show…. duh) and while I’m totally team Emily Thorne and often get increasingly irritated when characters get in the way of her revenging (I’M LOOKING AT YOU JACK PORTER) I love her scenes with Victoria Grayson, portrayed by Madeleine Stowe. Her presence on screen is chilling, she’s evil but she’s fabulous.  More than anything, Madeline Stowe is 55 and all she does is parade around in bodycon dresses on the show without a lump or bulge in sight! She pretty much looks the same as she did when she was in her 20s, which is better than me, and I’m just starting my 20s.

While on the show her sweet smile is often secretive and menacing, in reality she seems like a genuinely sweet person, like she gives gentle hugs and loves puppys.

So in honor of Revenge season 3 starting, I present to you the lovely Madeleine Stowe

Recommended Filmography::

Revenge (1990), Revenge ( the show), The Last of the Mohicans, The Two Jakes


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