I no longer trust Lil Wayne


Honestly as a Paris Hilton fan I can say that I am  disappointed at her recent music efforts. Stars Are Blind and Nothing In This World are pop gold so this is just upsetting. and I no longer trust Lil Wayne because I largely blame him for all of this.

..,and this is  just from listening to the song on Spotify. I haven’t even seen the video yet. Having her old hits play after was a painful reminder that this is not hot. Now her song about getting down is on. Turn It Up, that one ya, I loved that one on my myspace playlist along with Shakira, Fall Out Boy and an Alanis Morissette song. But it show cases Paris doing what she does best, saying words passively acting like she’s having fun and being paid to have said fun, and she is. obvi.

Ok I’m going to go watch the video now. I’ve queued it up to watch with my friend and the first shot is of her crotch in a The Blondes rip off bathing suit. I’m so excited. I also love how its titled the explicit version when I see no other versions on youtube. Classic Paris.

*3 minutes and 47 seconds later*

I don’t trust lil Wayne. He is awful. Paris you should’ve sucked it up and kept “dating” Afrojack because he could’ve hooked you up with a real DJ! Diplo would’ve caved eventually right? Paris you could’ve built street cred working with an underground online person or something I don’t know. Just anyone but Lil Wayne. He’s the worst. Oh Paris. I would’ve had a good time in this video, if it was 2011 when this was last cool. Is this still liked or have I grown? Wow that’s a lot of thumbs down on the video. K maybe not. Whatever all that matters is that she’s 30 and this is what she does. Anyone that says they don’t like Paris Hilton is a liar because she is a good time.

My roommate and I will be using the phrase “good time” which if you think about it is such an old persons phrase especially when repeated. “Good time, are we having a good time? yea? yea?” so broad. Hilarious. I love you Paris*

*fuck you lil Wayne


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