Teenage Love

Getting in the mood for Valentines Day I thought I’d post an old favorite of mine, Teenage Love by Magic Wands. Even though I’m turning 21 in less than a month, the whole concept of teenage love is still one I am always drawn too. Teenage Love captures the innocence, awkwardness and fleeting nature of teen love, and strays musically from the teen love songs of today, leaving you with a glowing vibe opposed to fatigued from an impossibly fast techno beat. 

Magic Wands consist of two main members, Chris and Dexy Valentine**. Chris heard Teenage Love on Dexy’s myspace (soooo 2008) and they connected. So much so that Dexy moved from LA to Nashville and they started writing together. They named the band Magic Wands because of a magic wand Chris gifted to Dexy while she was still in LA and he in Nashville. #Romance

I saw Magic Wands open for The Kills back in 2008 when I was just a little 15 year old, and it’s still a performance that sticks in my mind. I remember they had white tiger heads hanging off their mic stands, and the stage was so dark only slightly illuminated with dim blue and purple lights. When they took the stage, Dexy was wearing an oversized leather jacket paired with a white v-neck, denim skater skirt (before skater skirts were cool), white tennis shoes and black raybans. Chris was wearing the same thing practically, substituting a skater with distressed denim. Dexys hair was in a half up half down hair style that until that point I hadn’t seen anyone rock since I had in elementary school (it was my signature hairstyle for 4th grade). They sang cooly in that way only hipsters in the late 2000s could accomplish while a mirrored disco ball hung from the Crystal Ballroom ceiling. I felt like I was at one of those proms in films from the 90s having a live band instead of a DJ.

**  I mean really how perf


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