The To-Do list

The other night I finally took the time to watch The To Do List starring Aubrey Plaza.  Brandy, a recent graduate and valedictorian, creates a list of sexual experiences (or as they call it in the movie a “scam list”) that she feels she needs to complete before heading off to college in the Fall.

I was kind of surprised how much I loved it, I mean I love Aubrey Plaza but usually the teen movies made today aren’t my thing. I excepted so-so writing and a typical American Pie (the direct to DVD ones)  like plot line. But like American Pie (the good ones) it has all the makings to become a cult classic. Sex, high school, heartbreak, the 90s, and an amazing  ensemble cast filled with  people that know how to deliver a line (Donald Glover, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Rachel Bilson, Connie Britton Alia Shawkat, McLovin, and that little boy from Modern Family) 

Even though I was born the exact year the film is set (1993) it still visually gave me a nostalgic sense of my childhood growing up in the 90s. Brandy and her friends (played by Alia Shawkat and Sarah Steele) are exactly what I remember my various teenaged babysitters wearing, and how I bought tye-up tops to look like them. There’s a scene where Brandy is attempting to get “finger banged/bombed” by her nerdy friend Cameron, but is temporarily stopped when he can’t figure out how to take off her skort. I cannot remember the last time I saw skorts (skirt+shorts, look it up). I even had a flashback when I saw her mom rocking mom jeans, a yellow bedazzeled sweater, and a side braided ponytail secured with a matching scrunchie aka the go to mom look of the 90s which every one of my friends parents rocked  multiple points. 

The costuming for the film was just so on point, it was true to the time and not over the top and tacky (I’m looking at you Rock of Ages)

to do listto do listScreen Shot 2014-02-15 at 4.45.59 PMto do listto do listto do listto do listto do listto do listto do listto do listto do listto do listto do listto do listto do listto do listto do listto do listto do list


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